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The Power and Richness of Relationships


Corporate and Commercial Photographer for Worldwide Assignments

There is a simple reason why Jim Hayden is one of the most sought-after business speakers by Fortune 1000 companies, community organizations and other prominent businesses. People have a perspective on personal and business relationships when they leave Jim’s presentation that they did not have prior.  In short, people are inspired to be better people after hearing Jim speak.

That’s because Jim brings a simple and powerful philosophy that works: The best way to predict your future is to create it. The way to do this is through the power of relationships—in business and in life.

Jim Hayden’s presentations immediately enrich your audience’s personal and business lives. Filled with wit, wisdom and real-life stories, his presentations are tailored to the specific goals of each audience. Jim shares the secrets of how to develop more productive relationships, employ vision and innovation in your work and personal life, and find new and improved ways to get things done.

With more than 20 years of speaking experience, Jim talks about entrepreneurism, business development, relationship management and, exclusively, about the incredible Power of TOUCH.

The TOUCH Principles animates, inspires, and transforms purpose into action. Jim’s TOUCH Principles is a very unique philosophy for how he lives his own life, and how he advises and inspires others to live theirs, as an individual and as a professional: Tell your story; be Optimistic; have Unconditional relationships with everyone you meet; Care, show that you mean it; and, Help, give it and take it.

To be able to TOUCH people’s lives, and make a difference in who they are and what they stand for, means everything to Jim. Owners of the TOUCH principles make little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and leisure, mind and body, education and recreation. They pursue their vision of excellence in whatever they do.

Jim will inspire your workforce and turn your leaders into entrepreneurs. Most importantly, Jim shows how your individual vision will become clear when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside awakens. It is this perspective that will ultimately determine who is on your side personally and professionally at the end of the day.


Jim is a serial entrepreneur, author, and national speaker. For many years, he has spoken to employees, businesses, potential clients, and even students. He has helped to inspire others to start working harder towards what they want to achieve in life.


with Jim Hayden

Jim has spent several years developing small businesses into successful enterprises. He has dedicated himself to helping them to achieve all that they set out to do.



with Jim Hayden

For years now, Jim Hayden has been an integral part of several groups throughout the valley. He has helped each one by volunteering his time, effort, dedication, and expertise.


  • “I have had the opportunity and good fortune to work with Jim on a variety of projects over the past 15+ years, from his tenure as VP at Southwest Ambulance to his current position as President and CEO of Jim Hayden & Associates. Jim is a dedicated, conscientious professional whose work is first rate. Ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering services that exceed expectations are the foundation of Jim’s reputation.” July 17, 2009
    John Flynn , Owner , PolicyLogic, LLC
  • “I would highly recommend Jim. Jim is an excellent leader who is goal oriented. He is responsible, personable and an excellent person to work with and for. He is one of the most dedicated people, both personally and professionally, that I have ever known..” November 11, 2008
    Ellen Anderson , Director of Communications , Southwest Ambulance
  • “Jim is a great team player and is the best person I know at networking. Jim did an outstanding job at Southwest Ambulance in various capacities and was great at what ever he did.” October 26, 2008
    Dean Taylor, CPA CMA , CFO Southwest Region , Rural Metro Corporation
  • “Jim Hayden has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and has consistently provided the services that he has promised. Jim is straightforward, to the point and generally takes a no nonsense approach to business. Jim has the utmost integrity and considered both fair and ethical when transacting his business affairs.”
    David A. Dellana , Vice President , National Bank of Arizona
  • “I found Jim to be a detail oriented problem solver.”
    Paul Varda, DMD , owner , Valley Dental Care
  • “Jim is the consummate professional. He served as our Corporate Board Chairperson (along with several other titles and duties over the years) and his leadership was instrumental in the overall success of our organization. I think that Jim is an exceptional leader and that he is goal-oriented and makes things happen.”
    Michelle Duenas , Area Director , Boys & Clubs of the East Valley
  • “Jim is an honest and genuine person. He's always there to lend a hand, answer question, and share information. Most notably, jim is a charitable person, lending his time and energy to a host of charitable organizations.”
    James Edwards , Retail Leasing Agent , De Rito Partners
  • “Jim has been a member of our parish for many years now and has always been very supportive. Jim has volunteered his time to work on our stewardship and development comission and gave of his time and talent. I know Jim to be an honest and good man. He is hard working and a team player. It is my pleasure to give you this recommendation for Jim.
    Fr. Steven A. Kunkel
  • “Jim is incredibly engaging when speaking to a group or team of people. He is very down-to-earth and captivating at the same time. He creates a desire for people to work together for a comman goal or rally around an issue for the greater good.”
    Lisa George , Senior Vice President Market Manager , M&I Bank
  • “Jim is a compassionate and very organized executive that always has his client's best interest at heart. He is able to solve problems quickly and always follow up with everyone involved. I consider Jim a friend, collegue and professional. I can without reservation recommend Jim Hayden and his company Alta Partners.”
    Laurie Eberst , CEO , Mercy Gilbert Medical Center - CHW
  • “Jim is a progressive-minded visoinary who has the leadership talents and managerial skills to make great things happen. He is a consummate professional with a proven track record and takes a genuine interest in those around him.”
    Rich Frazier , Vice President , Catholic Healthcare West
  • “I worked with Jim while he was the Chairman of the Board for the East Valley Boys and Girls Club. Jim is always very professional and organized. Jim truly cares about the kids in the East Valley and continually tries to improve the Boys and Girls Club.”
    David Jensen , Senior Vice President , Willis
  • “Jim is a professional in every sense of the word. From pursuing a business objective to planning and organizing fundraising events for charity, Jim will not stop until the goal is met. He is a leader, a motivator and a partner in any situation.”
    Seth Shenfeld , Director of Marketing , Kitchell Contractors
  • “Jim and I worked together as part of a community service project; he is very organized and articulate and is an asset to any organization he is involved with. Jim has a great ability to organize projects and people in an effective manner that allows for growth and individuality within the scope of the group dynamic. He is a wonderful leader who is constantly aware of the project goal and what is needed to achieve that goal. Jim is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of the team; he is dedicated to the project at hand and always give 100% of himself. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jim Hayden and look forward to working with him again in the future.
    Laura DeCaro , Office Boss , HighRely, Inc.
  • “Jim is very well connected in the Valley. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim and I can honestly say that his integrity, personality, and punctuality are far above the normal. He was a great asset to our team and Jim never lost sight of the strategic objectives. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again in the near future.” Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity
    Jessica Theobald
  • “Jim has an amazing attitude that has always been very inspiring and motivational. His effervescent style, along with his leadership skills, have definately been distinguishing attributes that I have held in high esteem. It has always been a pleasure working with Jim and I feel our professional relationship has been an extemely beneficial experience.”
    Heather Cheney , Retail Specialist , Retail Brokers, Inc
  • “Jim is a dedicated and hard working executive that ALWAYS gets the job done! I'm happy to recommend him to you.”
    Rob Hess , Director of Business Development , Rural/Metro Corporation
  • “Jim is a very strong leader and problem solver, who always keeps a strong and pleasant relationship with all of his employees. He is always pushing his employees to achieve there best all while maintaining a fair attitude. A pleasure to work for.”
    Michael Pedenko , Senior Associate , The Alta Partners
  • “Jim was instrumental in leading our nonprofit the past two years we had great success in serving more kids than ever while reaching our financial goals . Jim people and public skills was recognize nation wide on how to motive volunteers to reach full potential . JIm has been a great asset to our organization .”
    Ramon Elias , President and Ceo , Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley
  • “Jim has been working diligently to guide us through a strategic planning session. His creative ideas and extensive experience have resulted in a finished product that should get our organization headed in the right direction. We are excited to present it to our general membership next week. Thanks Jim!” Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
    Barb Farmer
  • “Jim Hayden has highly developed interpersonal skills that illustrate his exceptional abilities regarding leadership. jim has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to his board responsibilities and to his associates and has carried out his obligations with vigor and resolve. I would recommend Jim Hayden without reservation.”
    Bob Liming , Director of Development , Boys & Girls Clubs of East Valley
  • “Jim has always been an excellent representative of his company, but has represented the needs of our customer without constraint. He has capitulated when it served a mutual benefit but stands firm on corporate and personal values. He is easy to be around, a pleasant sense of humor and good family values.”
    Collin DeWitt , Fire Chief , Gilbert Fire Department
  • “Jim Hayden was the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley from 2006-2008 . Jim is a strong leader with a big heart. He believes in what he does and gains the respect and following of others in his quest to make the lives better for the kids in the East Valley. I am very proud and honored to be staff liasion and work with Jim in our mission.”
    Debbie Anderson , Administrative Assistant to CEO , Boys & Girls Club
  • “Jim is a natural leader. He demonstrates and shares his leadership with others through his careful and thoughtful approach to the situations that are presented to him in business and his personal life. He creates inspiration in others by his own postitive attitude and enthusiasm for the creative processes in business which makes him a wonderful strategic alliance partner. Charitable in nature, serious yet fun!”
    Phyllis Dumond , Senior Commercial Account Executive
  • “Jim and I have known each other for approximately 20 years. I find that Jim is an individual of high integrity, is trustworthy and a well respected leader in the community. Trust what he says, follow his guidance and enjoy your time with him. Rod Dennis”
    Rod Dennis , President , America's Mortgage Store
  • “I've had the pleasure of working with Jim in a volunteer capacity, which he does much of. I enjoyed teaming with him. He gets things done! Need I say more?”
    George Gadzik , Owner , Gala Coating & Binding LTD
  • “Hearing Jim speak will inspire you. You will leave and want to make a difference in someone’s life.”
  • “Jim’s presentation impacted our organization at the deepest level. His talk provided our people with incredible value and insight that has strengthened our team.”