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The power and richness of Relationships
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The Power and Richness of Relationships

There is a simple reason why Jim Hayden is one of the most sought-after business speakers by Fortune 1000 companies, community organizations and other prominent businesses. People have a perspective on personal and business relationships when they leave Jim’s presentation that they did not have prior.  In short, people are inspired to be better people after hearing Jim speak.


“The Power of touch: an EMT’s Journey”

The Power of touch


For many years, Jim has helped to inspire others to start working harder towards what they want to achieve in life.

CEO & Leader

Jim is a serial entrepreneur, author, and national speaker.


Jim is incredibly engaging when speaking to a group or team of people. He is very down-to-earth and captivating at the same time. He creates a desire for people to work together for a common goal or rally around an issue for the greater good.

Lisa George, SVP, M&I Bank