Jim's Approach

Coffee Stain Analysis


Knowing Your Coffee Stains

What is it that drives you? What sets you apart? Where are you going and why do you want to get there? These are all important questions that require answers both professionally and personally. Analyzing and reflecting on our life is a crucial ingredient to growth, but more importantly, analyzing and reflecting on our defects is essential.

Jim calls these defects, coffee stains. Developing, implementing, and succeeding at business strategies can be one of the most difficult aspects of the business world.Leaders who have a passion for who they are and what they stand for can sometimes fail to connect their passion to their success, or as Jim says “fail to know their coffee stain”. To know and understand your coffee stain is the first step to your success.

When you partner with Jim you are able to examine your coffee stain to the point where your problem area can become the most successful and rewarding aspect of your life. As a business consultant and professional leader, Jim Hayden has a trained eye at business development, strategic planning, and entrepreneurism.

Jim’s talent for analyzing coffee stains helps guide individuals and businesses in where they are, where they want to go, and more importantly, where they need to go. It is through the power of relationships that Jim Hayden can analyze and establish a destination for your future success.

No matter the coffee stain, big or small, allow Jim to be your guide to where you need to go.