Economic development

A company’s culture has a profound impact on the success or failure of an organization.

With the increase in technology and the rapid change of the business world, keeping up with the changes has become more of a challenge. Often times organizations fail to evolve and transform creating the inability to execute business goals and growth objectives.

Developing and expanding any business is dependent on the direct relationship between an organization and its environment. A company’s culture directly affects the economic development and direction of an organization. Jim Hayden believes that the true economics in the business world is the economics of relationships. It is the human capital that Jim is empowered to motivate, change and revolutionize. Through Jim’s clever and informative speaking sessions, he can provide insights on leadership, vision, and company culture.

Jim’s knowledge and experience as a serial entrepreneur has helped establish a human connectivity that is unmatched. Jim has cultivated intentional and genuine cultures for over 12 companies that he has founded. With over 20 years of speaking experience, Jim has spoken to large Fortune 500 companies and small nonprofits alike. With a fresh perspective on business, vision, and relationships, Jim Hayden can provide revolutionary insight that widens the perspective of audiences everywhere.