[blockquote author=”Neil Gaiman”]The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. [/blockquote]

tie-690084_640In today’s workforce it has become desired to not only be well compensated in our profession, but also to find meaning. Work is no longer meant to be a conduit for income, but rather a catalyst to self-fulfillment.

Many individuals are faced with the dilemma of searching for professional passions yet struggle to connect their passions with their professional life. Over the years I have discovered that before embarking on the everlasting journey of finding fulfillment in the work place it is important to note that being confused about a career choice is normal. Finding fulfillment in the work place is, in fact, the cause from a deeper and more pressing issue, finding purpose in life

Because of the deeper cause of searching for fulfillment it is essential to understand that pursuing passions is a lifelong pursuit and it is something that is never complete. Yet, despite the daunting task of intrinsic exploration, there are personal practices that I have discovered that can help alleviate the burden of the lifelong journey.

The first practice that helps explore the world of professional passions is to list out all of your likes and dislikes. While this seems like a remedial task, it should not be overlooked. No matter how basic or complex your likes and dislikes are, it paints a greater picture of the individual that you want to become in your professional life.

The second practice is to contemplate your options. While there may be roadblocks amidst your options it is important to conceptualize that options are prevalent in numerous capacities. In my experience I have found that no matter your age or the difficulty of attaining a goal, opportunities are out there for you to explore.

Another avenue of professional exploration is to try new things, even in your spare time. Trying new things helps to examine the myriad of opportunities that we have around us, Doctor Stephen Covey calls this, Abundance Mentality. To truly conceptualize our opportunities is to experience what the world has to offer us.

The last and final tool for professional exploration is to be confident. Often times what separates those who achieve their passions from those who do not is the confidence to pursue new things. Essentially those who achieve their passions are those who have had the confidence to dare to ask for them.

Exploring passions is never easy, but it is far greater to enjoy the road of professional exploration rather than to live in a world of passionless work. Much like feelings and emotions, our passions come and go with time and it is important to remember that they key to find fulfilling work is to always seek self-exploration…