“No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments.”-Regina Brett

Everyone is bound to have a sh*tty day. However, when I have a bad day, it is important to me to do whatever I can to not allow my bad day to become someone else’s. I have no right to make my sh*tty day someone else’s sh*tty day.

While it is critical to make sure my sh*tty days are not infringing upon others, I respect my sh*tty days. My bad days are going to do something magical if I allow them to. I have to permit the sh*tty days to educate me for they will propel me towards a better tomorrow.

Some sh*tty days are out of my control. However, some of the most profound and positive people I know have experienced the greatest depths of despair and pain outside of their control. Undeterred by the harrowing circumstances thrown their way, they choose to make each day fantastic.

Self-appreciation and a non-victim mentality are essential keys to getting through sh*tty days. You must appreciate yourself in who you are to not allow a bad day to become the norm, but to only be the anomaly. Do not fall victim to your sh*tty days; they do not define who you are. Celebrate the good in your life. If you do not allow yourself to treat triumph with elation, it disables you to effectively manage disaster.

Use your triumphs, your successes to overcome your adversities. Focus only on your strengths and not on your faults. Ultimately, your shortcomings will be overshadowed by your merits. If you capitalize on the bad, you will have more sh*tty days. Judas Priest gives this same advice in my friend’s go-to song on a rough day, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin,”

In this world we’re livin’ in we have our share of sorrow
Answer now is don’t give in aim for a new tomorrow.

Find what allows you to get out of that particular funk. According to the DISC personality test, here are some tips based upon temperaments:

If you value accomplishing results, the bottom line, and confidence (Dominance); go onto another task in which you excel.

For someone who values influencing or persuading others, and relationships (Influencer); surround yourself with people who care about you and will put you in a better mood.

If you value cooperation, sincerity, and dependability (Steadiness); put yourself in a situation that is harmonious.

For those who value accuracy, expertise, and competency (Conscientiousness); surround yourself with logical situations as to why you should no longer be in the mood you are in.

Keep in perspective that a sh*tty day is just a moment in time…