[blockquote author=”Ann Wilson Schaef”]Asking for help does not mean that we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence[/blockquote]

Silhouettes of Business People WorkingEconomic insecurity is one of the most deeply rooted problems that individuals face. Maintaining enough income to cover costs, unforeseeable expenditures and increasing one’s wealth is at the heart of every individual and organization.

Prior to setting out on my own, I was in charge of a quarter of a billion dollar budget. I was tasked with creating a budget based on annual needs, revenues and expenses. Yet, when I created my first company, I did not have the financial understanding to budget effectively. Despite my financial experience, I knew I did not know everything I needed to know about finance. For this reason, I set out to find the smartest financial individual I know.

As an organizational leader, many people assume I have all of the answers and that I am expert on everything to do with business. While I do have a deep understanding of business development, I am not an expert in every field, no one is. My success is not defined by my strengths, but by asking for help on my weaknesses.

This kind of thinking led me to the creation my first company, Board Developer. Board Developer is an organization that helps grow organizations through the strengths of a variety of individuals. No one CEO, business leader or organizational founder has all the answers. Board Developer provides assistance in the weak areas of a business.

Without the help of other individuals, Board Developer would not be where it is today. Early on, I saw the need to seek out help in the area of finance. I recognized that I have a lot of experience, but my experience was limited to a large budget, not a small one.

Economic insecurity was a big worry of mine when I began my endeavors as an entrepreneur, but through the help of some very talented individuals, I am able to succeed in my area of weakness.

Some of the most successful people are the individuals who realize that they need help. Asking for help does now show weakness or incompetence, but rather openness and a desire to grow.

Today I challenge you to think about the areas in your life that could benefit from the assistance of others, because when we choose to be honest with ourselves we choose the first step to the path of success…