[blockquote author=”Steve Jobs”]

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.[/blockquote]

Innovation drives business. In today’s market, we often associate business innovation with successful tech start-ups, businesses that revolutionized the way that we interact in the world. Google changed the way we search the web, Apple changed the way we purchase music and Facebook changed the way we interact with each other.

But despite the seemingly large and innovative corporations these businesses have become, the key to business innovation has nothing to do with technology, money or prestige, but rather intuitive leadership. The difference maker in business innovation is the investment in human capital. Thinking differently about people is the key to innovation and business success.

For almost 100 years IBM has been providing the world with technological innovation. As of 2014, IBM’s total assets were $117 billion, however, Apple, a direct competitor had $231 billion in total assets. While IBM has invested far greater amounts in research and development, Apple, a company founded in a garage in 1976, is worth nearly double, even to this day. How can a company that is a seemingly superior technological giant get outperformed by a company that started with two people in a garage?

For Apple, it was not about how the technology interacts with people, but rather how people interact with technology. It was the approach that people come first. When an organization places human capital as the most important aspect of business proceedings, then innovation inevitably follows. This is an important reminder for a lot of businesses. It is easy to get caught up with investments, time management and revenue projections and forget about the most important aspect of any business, the people around you.

It is my purpose to always continue to push the boundaries of innovation in human capital. In business, in my relationship and in everyday experiences. I want to approach every individual with the intent that they matter. I challenge you to continually reassess your business priorities. Are you pursuing deeper relationships with your clients? Are you seeking to provide the best environment for your employees?

Because no matter which industry or service you provide, business innovation is always dependent on those around you…